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Weight Loss Results and Cabbage Salad Kick-Off – Week 3

After two weeks of bone broth and cabbage, what were my weight loss results? How did I really score? And will the next diet phase move me forward?

“I am stronger than any excuse”

today’s affirmation
After two weeks of bone broth and cabbage, what were my weight loss results?  How did I really score?  And will the next diet phase move me forward?
A loaded cabbage salad, once a day, is my diet regimen for the next two weeks

Weight loss results – a measure of success

The first two weeks of my diet/exercise/meditation routine was also the first trial of my two-week diet plan of eating just bone broth and kimchi once a day. I do I track and judge my weight loss results?

I’m trying to grade my success on a scale of points. For each goal I succeed at completely I am giving myself 100 points. I grade myself in three categories; did I lose weight according to schedule, did I meditate according to schedule, did I exercise according to schedule.

Out of 300 available points, I give a point to what percentage of a goal I reached. I add up all the points and divide them by three for a score for my biweekly review.

For my first two weeks, I wanted to lose 10 pounds. I came within 6/10ths of that goal, so I gave it a score of 94 points. I wanted to record 9.3 hours of meditation during this time. I’d say I ended up with around 7 hours, which is great, but short of my goal by 25%. I didn’t include any time for exercise, rating it a 0.

So my first two weeks looks like this:

  • Weight loss – 9.4 pounds – 94 points (I’d wanted to lose 10 pounds)
  • Time spent meditating – 75% of my goal – 75 points
  • Time spend in structured exercise – 0 points

That gives me a total of 169 points. Divided by 3, that is a score of 56.3. That can read that as saying I hit about 1/2 my goals for the two week time period.

While I might find that half effort discouraging, it is 100% better than the two weeks before. I now have a starting place to measure my key results and give them some kind of grade.

Weight loss results: a success

Now, I did lose weight. I began at 254.8 pounds. After 14 days I weigh 245.4. A real, measurable loss of 9.4 pounds. That is nothing to just dismiss.

My weight went up today to 247, putting me back above my two week minimum goal, but I think that is just a temporary spike. Overall, I expect it go down again this week.

Which means that I nearly met my stretch goal through diet alone, without exercise.

My expectations for my weight loss results and my reality

Okay, I had hopes that I’d lose at least 10 pounds. I mean, cutting out sugar, bread, processed foods, too much fat, and empty starches should have made me drop weight like stones.

I’m somewhat disappointed that I only lost 9 pounds. But I do accept and appreciate that I did lose weight. These two weeks have been a success.

There are probably all kinds of reasons I didn’t lose more weight. Everything from my increased water intake to a lack of exercise. Maybe the humidity is hampering my efforts.

Did meditation help?

Working on being mindful was hard during the first two weeks. I was long out of practice and I was tasked with the extra effort of denying myself my comfort foods and staying disciplined.

That made getting into a steady mindset difficult. But there is no doubt that it also made it possible for me to resist many temptations during the first two weeks.

Next phase of my diet

Rather than allow myself to get complacent in my diet, I am getting ready to shake it up.

For two weeks I’m going to change from bone broth and kimchi to a cabbage/vegetable salad. I’m still only eating once a day, and drinking plenty of water and turmeric tonic.

I’ll eat a mostly cabbage salad, mixed with kale, onions, brussels sprouts, broccoli and a homemade dressing.

Why cabbage salad?

Cabbage has deep roots in weight loss. Among the first “diets” I tried was a cabbage soup. I made two gallons and consumed it for two days. It was awful. So, I could see how it helps produce weight loss results.

Because it is low in complex carbs, high in fiber, and loaded with vitamins, cabbage is a great part of a regular diet. It is cheap to buy in the stores and easy to grow at home. I won’t be growing it at home, but I will be buying it, along with other vegetables.

I think this during this time I’m also going to eat just the salad, with no meat.

What I expect

I didn’t hit 10 pounds. I accept that. But I believe that I can drop 10 pounds over the next two weeks by sticking vigorously to my diet. My body should be adjusting to the change in my eating routine.

I am getting better at the practice of meditation. I think I can meet my 9 hour and 20-minute goal this term.

By incorporating some exercise at last I think I can have a marked drop in my weight to finish my first 4 weeks in weight loss territory.


  1. Deborah Echoles

    I too have recently been told I am pre-diabetic and am on a diet, with bone broth being my staple for the next 2 weeks(Great choice it seems). Your blog definitely inspires me.on my journey as well. Your doing great! Keep it up, I’m on your heels, brother ;).

  2. Deborah Echoles

    Will do!

  3. a bunch of thanks to this informative article. The insights you provided are awesome. More power to you!

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