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Book Reviews

Grit – How Perseverance Outweighs Talent

We talk about the keys to success being hard work and perseverance. Yet we always look for shortcuts, certain that talent wins over grit and determination.

Book Reviews

Willpower Instinct – “Carpe Diem” For The Rest Of Your Life

The Willpower Instinct is one of the best books I’ve read about learning how to use willpower to achieve my goals and desires.

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Working Around Food and Coping with Grazing – Week 6

Working around food all day is part of my job. I’m a catering chef and I’m constantly either considering food, buying food, prepping food, cooking food, or serving food. And grazing food has been the inch-by-inch battle with my weight which is one reason I am where I am today.

Book Reviews

Rejection Proof – Become Invulnerable to Fear – My Review

What is it like to be rejection proof? To have no fear of ever being turned down? How can being “invulnerable to fear” help me to achieve my goals?