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Mark Wahlberg Diet – Dropping Weight Fast

Mark Wahlberg used diet to drop 10 pounds in 5 days by consuming bone broth. Is it a safe, effective method for long-term weight loss, too?

Roar 2020
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Roar 2020 – My Theme For The New Roaring Twenties

Roar 2020! It’s time to get recharged and remotivated. With a new decade rolling in, it is an iconic time to put the past behind me and explode into a new future!

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8 Ways to Lose Weight And Win The Belly Fat Battle

These 8 ways to lose weight are the foundation of the “Jack Gets Fit” program. Each tip is helpful on its own, but combined they are unstoppable.


Bone Broth Recipe – Easy, Homemade Weight Loss Star

My homemade bone broth recipe is a fundamental factor in my weight loss diet. I use it to supplement my meals and cut calories.

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Crash Diet Crashed – How Did I Fail So Badly?

My crash diet crashed. In this autopsy of a die, I identify the 4 ways I failed. And the 4 ways I’m getting back on track and working to succeed.


Sugar and Carbs – The Simple Reason I Gained Weight

Sugar and carbs have been a factor in my weight gain. Controling calories while sorting out which carbs are good and which are bad can be very confusing.


Sardines Benefits – Why I Am Adding Them to My Diet

I am eating less beef and chicken and making healthier choices. Sardines have tons of benefits that make them a great addition to my eating regimen.

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Second Month Body Measurements

Month 1 is down. It is the start of the second month and time to take body measurements as a baseline for where I am. Did I lose inches as well as weight?


My “Christian Bale Diet” – An Extreme Weight Loss Plan

Christian Bale uses extreme diets to gain and lose weight for movie roles. Can I use his “tuna fish and apple” diet to lose weight?


Salad Dressing – Making Cabbage Better

Making my own salad dressing helps me control what I eat. I’m able to cut sugar and dress my cabbage salad. It takes minutes to make a week’s batch.