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Meditation Improves Sleep – Getting A Good Night’s Rest

Meditation improves my sleep by helping me relax and fall into a state of mindfulness. This gets me to go to sleep faster and enjoy a better night’s rest.


Mind Hacking – Changing My Mind For Good

Mind hacking is a method for overcoming fear, achieving serenity, and conquering my obstacles. With practice, I can effectively rewire my brain.


Neurohacking Mindfulness – Supercharging My Thinking

Neurohacking mindfulness sounds super cyber-fi, but deliberately influencing the brain to optimize focus, energy, positivity, and awareness is possible.

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20 Minute Mindful Meditation Practice with Sphere

This is a video I created to help me with my daily mindful meditation practice. Personalizing it makes it more likely I’ll commit to following my routine.


Mindful Meditation – The Basics of Breathe In, Breathe Out

Sit still. Breathe in. Breathe out. Focus on the breath. Simple? Until I try and do it. Nothing about mindful meditation is as easy as it looks.


Weight Loss Through Meditation – Brain in the Game

Using meditation for weight loss may sound kooky, but I can’t change my eating habits and exercise routine without getting my mind in the game.