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Ab Exercises For Building A Solid Core

Ab exercises don’t rely on endless situps for a solid core. I’m following these 5 tactics for strengthening my abs and improving my fitness.


Stretching And Flexibility – Extending My Reach

Stretching and flexibility are foundations of a workout routine. While the value of stretching is in dispute, flexibility is still viewed as beneficial.


Treadmill Journey – It’s Not The View, It’s The Mileage

My treadmill is finally seeing some action these days. But are the benefits gained from this piece of low-impact exercise equipment worth the walk?

Roar 2020
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Roar 2020 – My Theme For The New Roaring Twenties

Roar 2020! It’s time to get recharged and remotivated. With a new decade rolling in, it is an iconic time to put the past behind me and explode into a new future!

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8 Ways to Lose Weight And Win The Belly Fat Battle

These 8 ways to lose weight are the foundation of the “Jack Gets Fit” program. Each tip is helpful on its own, but combined they are unstoppable.


Exercising Over 50 – How Fit Can You Get?

It’s not like I’m starting from scratch. Just from way behind the starting line. Exercising when you are over 50 comes with a whole bunch of new challenges.

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Superpower Yoga – Can Yoga Make Me Super-Human?

Can yoga can give me superpower? Mixing mindfulness and body awareness with improved health, strength, and flexibility, yoga just might make me a superman.


My Exercise Regimen for Weight Loss as of Now

What I’m doing as a daily exercise regimen has changed since I came back to my weight loss goal. This is how I’m working to find balance in my workouts.

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Crash Diet Crashed – How Did I Fail So Badly?

My crash diet crashed. In this autopsy of a die, I identify the 4 ways I failed. And the 4 ways I’m getting back on track and working to succeed.

Book Reviews

Willpower Instinct – “Carpe Diem” For The Rest Of Your Life

The Willpower Instinct is one of the best books I’ve read about learning how to use willpower to achieve my goals and desires.