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Mark Wahlberg Diet – Dropping Weight Fast

Mark Wahlberg used diet to drop 10 pounds in 5 days by consuming bone broth. Is it a safe, effective method for long-term weight loss, too?


Intermittent and Alternate Day Fasting – My 2020 Diet

In 2020 I will be experimenting with Intermittent and Alternate Day fasting to lose weight and improve my health. My 2019 extreme diet needs a reboot.

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Working Around Food and Coping with Grazing – Week 6

Working around food all day is part of my job. I’m a catering chef and I’m constantly either considering food, buying food, prepping food, cooking food, or serving food. And grazing food has been the inch-by-inch battle with my weight which is one reason I am where I am today.


My “Christian Bale Diet” – An Extreme Weight Loss Plan

Christian Bale uses extreme diets to gain and lose weight for movie roles. Can I use his “tuna fish and apple” diet to lose weight?


Salad Dressing – Making Cabbage Better

Making my own salad dressing helps me control what I eat. I’m able to cut sugar and dress my cabbage salad. It takes minutes to make a week’s batch.


Mindful Meditation – The Basics of Breathe In, Breathe Out

Sit still. Breathe in. Breathe out. Focus on the breath. Simple? Until I try and do it. Nothing about mindful meditation is as easy as it looks.


My “Jack Gets Fit” Diet Program – Week 1

This is Day One of my new diet, exercise, and meditation routine. I’m going to follow this diet program for the next 16 weeks in order to improve my weight, health, and mindset.