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Kimchi Recipe – The “Jack Gets Fit” Kimchi Recipe

Having my own kimchi recipe helps me control what goes into my soup, and into my body. While it takes a little time, it is very simple.

Meditation, Youtube

20 Minute Mindful Meditation Practice with Sphere

This is a video I created to help me with my daily mindful meditation practice. Personalizing it makes it more likely I’ll commit to following my routine.


Mindful Meditation – The Basics of Breathe In, Breathe Out

Sit still. Breathe in. Breathe out. Focus on the breath. Simple? Until I try and do it. Nothing about mindful meditation is as easy as it looks.


Kimchi for Weight Loss – Week 2: Bone Broth and Kimchi

Kimchi for weight loss, along with homemade bone broth, are the foundation of my first two weeks of dieting and changing my eating habits.


Body Measurements – Partner To Weight Loss

What gets measured gets managed. The tough task of body measurements is a necessary part of tracking weight loss.


Weight Loss Through Meditation – Brain in the Game

Using meditation for weight loss may sound kooky, but I can’t change my eating habits and exercise routine without getting my mind in the game.


My “Jack Gets Fit” Diet Program – Week 1

This is Day One of my new diet, exercise, and meditation routine. I’m going to follow this diet program for the next 16 weeks in order to improve my weight, health, and mindset.