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Maximize My Mornings – What Successful People Do First

The power to maximize my mornings is a top priority for me. Learning how successful people organize their AMs inspires me to create my own winning routine.


My Exercise Regimen for Weight Loss as of Now

What I’m doing as a daily exercise regimen has changed since I came back to my weight loss goal. This is how I’m working to find balance in my workouts.


Flow State Meditation – Mindfulness on a Mission

Use meditation to ignite flow state and take passive practice to purposeful levels. My practice is driven to improve my mind, body, and spirit through flow.

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Crash Diet Crashed – How Did I Fail So Badly?

My crash diet crashed. In this autopsy of a die, I identify the 4 ways I failed. And the 4 ways I’m getting back on track and working to succeed.

Book Reviews

Willpower Instinct – “Carpe Diem” For The Rest Of Your Life

The Willpower Instinct is one of the best books I’ve read about learning how to use willpower to achieve my goals and desires.


Sugar and Carbs – The Simple Reason I Gained Weight

Sugar and carbs have been a factor in my weight gain. Controling calories while sorting out which carbs are good and which are bad can be very confusing.


Sardines Benefits – Why I Am Adding Them to My Diet

I am eating less beef and chicken and making healthier choices. Sardines have tons of benefits that make them a great addition to my eating regimen.

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Working Around Food and Coping with Grazing – Week 6

Working around food all day is part of my job. I’m a catering chef and I’m constantly either considering food, buying food, prepping food, cooking food, or serving food. And grazing food has been the inch-by-inch battle with my weight which is one reason I am where I am today.

Book Reviews

Rejection Proof – Become Invulnerable to Fear – My Review

What is it like to be rejection proof? To have no fear of ever being turned down? How can being “invulnerable to fear” help me to achieve my goals?

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Second Month Body Measurements

Month 1 is down. It is the start of the second month and time to take body measurements as a baseline for where I am. Did I lose inches as well as weight?