Jack Gets Fit – My 16 Week Diet and Exercise Challenge

Jack Gets Fit is my diet and exercise challenge aimed at really changing the way I eat and live. I had to finally make a choice about what do about my weight and health. A drastic weight loss plan seemed the best, albeit, hardest way to go.

Jack Gets Fit is my diet and exercise challenge aimed at really changing the way I eat and live.

New Year’s wake-up call

When does your weight become something you stop just thinking about and become something you decide you must take action on?

On January 1st, 2019 I stepped on the scale, as new year’s resolutionist do. I saw what a holiday season of binge-eating and a year of poor food choices had earned me: 262.4 pounds. This was the heaviest I have ever been in my life.

I have battled a slow but steady weight gain for over 20 years.  With it has come compounding health, fitness, and emotional struggles. It hurts, physically and personally, to be this obese. But the temptation of unhealthy foods and lack of exercise crushed the campaigns I mounted against my expanding waistline.

What “Jack Gets Fit” is: my 16 week diet and exercise challenge

For the first time I can conceive my weight climbing out of control. I never thought I could ever weigh over 260 pounds. Now I can actually see myself gaining weight until 275 or even 300 pounds is no longer inconceivable. And that prospect frightens, angers, and depresses me.

At 55 years of age everything about reversing my weight gain is harder. But because of my age, it is even more important that I do everything I can now to put the brakes on this weight gain and physical degeneration.

So, I am spending 16 weeks on a diet and exercise lifestyle change. One that will help me lose weight and regain a level of fitness. That is what “Jack Gets Fit” is all about.

I’m keeping a record here of my progress during the 16 week program so I track and understand what works and what does not. I’m taking a radical course for the first the 16 weeks. I want to lose weight quickly to begin with. Then I will create a diet and exercise lifestyle that will sustain I can maintain going forward.

My family deserves this, too

“Jack Gets Fit” is not just for me. I’m also doing this for my family. They deserve to have me around as long as possible and to be as healthy as possible. I’m seeking to defeat the bouts of depression and self-loathing that rise from feeling incapable of taking care of myself. And I want to enjoy my life again. There are many things I have long wanted to do. But they are made so much more difficult (or impossible) because of my obesity and lack of physical fitness.

What I want to see in 2019

Finally, I want to look back at the end of 2019 and see this was the year I took better care of myself. It will be the year where I started off the fattest I’ve ever been in my life. Faced with that challenge I was able over a 16 week period to lose weight and grow personally, the most I have in my life.