A collection of articles covering reviews of books, foods, recipes, gear, and other useful stuff I have used on my journey through weight loss and fitness.

The Happiness Advantage
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The Happiness Advantage – Positively Pursuing Success

Attitude is everything. The Happiness Advantage provides key insights into how your moods make or break your chances of success.

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Carrots and Sticks – Which One Motivates the Most?

The “carrots and sticks” practice is a cornerstone of motivation. But which incentive holds the most power, reward or punishment?

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Extreme Ownership – It Really Is All My Fault

Extreme Ownership is written by former Navy Seals officers whose message is simple: “Own it.” You are 100% responsible for your success and your failure.

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Grit – How Perseverance Outweighs Talent

We talk about the keys to success being hard work and perseverance. Yet we always look for shortcuts, certain that talent wins over grit and determination.

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Maximize My Mornings – What Successful People Do First

The power to maximize my mornings is a top priority for me. Learning how successful people organize their AMs inspires me to create my own winning routine.

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Willpower Instinct – “Carpe Diem” For The Rest Of Your Life

The Willpower Instinct is one of the best books I’ve read about learning how to use willpower to achieve my goals and desires.

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Rejection Proof – Become Invulnerable to Fear – My Review

What is it like to be rejection proof? To have no fear of ever being turned down? How can being “invulnerable to fear” help me to achieve my goals?

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The Art of War – A Template for Life – My Review

The Art of War is about how to conduct a successful war. I keep going back to it for inspiration and advice on how to conduct a successful life.

positively unstoppable
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Positively Unstoppable: The Art of Owning It – Book Review

Do you want to “own it”, get fit, and succeed in your goals? Positively Unstoppable: The Art of Owning It shares valuable lessons from former pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page.