Articles on how weight loss and fitness are affecting my life, and also the things I am now doing to enjoy my life more.

Roar 2020
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Roar 2020 – My Theme For The New Roaring Twenties

Roar 2020! It’s time to get recharged and remotivated. With a new decade rolling in, it is an iconic time to put the past behind me and explode into a new future!

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8 Ways to Lose Weight And Win The Belly Fat Battle

These 8 ways to lose weight are the foundation of the “Jack Gets Fit” program. Each tip is helpful on its own, but combined they are unstoppable.

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Working Around Food and Coping with Grazing – Week 6

Working around food all day is part of my job. I’m a catering chef and I’m constantly either considering food, buying food, prepping food, cooking food, or serving food. And grazing food has been the inch-by-inch battle with my weight which is one reason I am where I am today.

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Second Month Body Measurements

Month 1 is down. It is the start of the second month and time to take body measurements as a baseline for where I am. Did I lose inches as well as weight?

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Sun Salutations – Please Shine Down On Me

I’ve started doing sun salutations first thing in the mornings. These no-impact yoga moves build strength, improve flexibility, and increase energy.


Blood Glucose Levels – What I’m Doing To Get Them Down

Blood glucose levels are a main indicator of health. Mine have been pre-diabetic for at least three years. I have kept Type 2 diabetes barely at bay. One of my goals with this plan is to lower my levels until I’m back in the normal and safe range.