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The Happiness Advantage
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The Happiness Advantage – Positively Pursuing Success

Attitude is everything. The Happiness Advantage provides key insights into how your moods make or break your chances of success.


Ab Exercises For Building A Solid Core

Ab exercises don’t rely on endless situps for a solid core. I’m following these 5 tactics for strengthening my abs and improving my fitness.


Meditation For Focus – Attention To Details

Meditation provides focus and improves concentration, studies have confirmed. Will a focused meditation practice helps me meet my goals?


Mark Wahlberg Diet – Dropping Weight Fast

Mark Wahlberg used diet to drop 10 pounds in 5 days by consuming bone broth. Is it a safe, effective method for long-term weight loss, too?


The Joker Diet – What Joaquin Phoenix Ate To Lose Weight

Joaquin Phoneix’s “Joker Diet” was no joke. The actor shed 52 lbs in 4 months for the role. Are there helpful lessons for me in this extreme, vegan diet?

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Carrots and Sticks – Which One Motivates the Most?

The “carrots and sticks” practice is a cornerstone of motivation. But which incentive holds the most power, reward or punishment?


Stretching And Flexibility – Extending My Reach

Stretching and flexibility are foundations of a workout routine. While the value of stretching is in dispute, flexibility is still viewed as beneficial.


Meditation Improves Sleep – Getting A Good Night’s Rest

Meditation improves my sleep by helping me relax and fall into a state of mindfulness. This gets me to go to sleep faster and enjoy a better night’s rest.


Intermittent and Alternate Day Fasting – My 2020 Diet

In 2020 I will be experimenting with Intermittent and Alternate Day fasting to lose weight and improve my health. My 2019 extreme diet needs a reboot.

Book Reviews, Reviews

Extreme Ownership – It Really Is All My Fault

Extreme Ownership is written by former Navy Seals officers whose message is simple: “Own it.” You are 100% responsible for your success and your failure.